5 Questions to Ask on the First Day of Work

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If you want your temp job to turn into a full-time position, then you need to ensure you begin on the right foot. The best way to make a good impression is to be prepared and ready for your first day on the job. You’ll want to dress properly, arrive on time, and have a list of questions ready for your supervisor. Making a list of questions to ask on the first day of work will show that you have initiative, drive, and are thinking ahead. Jot these questions down for your first day!

Questions to Ask on the First Day of Work

1.What are the expectations for this position?

Although this is broad, it’s good to know how you can meet their hopes and anticipations throughout your temp role. This gives you a clear objective to exceed expectations if you want to make this a full-time position.2

2.What are my main objectives for my first week?

Your first week in a temporary position may be completely different than what’s needed for the rest of your role. Ensure you understand what needs to be completed the first week and if this is the priority for the weeks to come.

3.Who will I be reporting to?

Sometimes the person onboarding you is not your supervisor, so you’ll want to make sure you have their name and know where their office is. You should also know who to report to when this person is unavailable.

4.What are my essential daily tasks?

One of the most important questions to ask on the first day of work is what are your most essential tasks. Prioritize these each morning to ensure they’re not left to the end of the day when you’re short on time.

5.How often would you like me to give updates?

With temporary positions, sometimes you’ll need to give updates more than full-time positions as they shift around priorities for you. Make sure you know how often they would like you to check in so they know you’re engaged or so that you don’t badger them.

Of course, have your pen and paper or your laptop ready when you start firing off questions. You’ll need to recall this information later, and you don’t want to be asking the same questions again. This concludes our list of questions to ask on the first day of work, but feel free to check out our other tips for starting a temp job!