Reasons to Get a Temporary Job: Real Employee Insights and Staffing Industry Facts

reasons to get a temporary job

If you’re considering registering with a staffing agency like Staff Force, here are some reasons to get a temporary job and staffing industry facts that may convince you to follow through. Each year, some 16 million employees with jobs and careers from the staffing and recruiting industries make huge contributions to the United States economy. You could be a part of that significant impact.

Industry and Work Flexibility

According to research from the American Staffing Association, one in five staffing employees list scheduling flexibility as one of the main reasons for choosing temporary and/or contract work. Assignments can range from just a few hours to several years, but the average length of employment is three months.

Staffing employees are able to find work in almost all industries, occupations, or sectors, and so could you. 37% of temporary staffing employees work in Industrial sectors, 28% in Office, Clerical, and Administration, 13% in Managerial and Professional, 13% in Engineering, Information Technology, and Scientific, and 9% in the Health Care industry. No matter your interests, skills, and available time, you can find something that works for you.

Employee Satisfaction

One of the most important reasons to get a temporary job lies in work satisfaction. No one wants to absolutely hate their work, and no one should. The American Staffing Association reports that nine out of ten staffing employees were satisfied with their company. With 41% being extremely satisfied, 33% very satisfied, and 18% somewhat satisfied. Only 8% of employees said they were not very satisfied, or not at all satisfied with their company.

One huge factor in staffing employee satisfaction and a reason to get a temporary job is the solid wages offered. On average, temporary employees are earning more than $17 per hour, and some earn more than $100 per hour. With solid wages from a temporary staffing job, supporting yourself and/or your family becomes much easier.

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