Safety Tips for Managing Temporary Employees from Your Light Industrial Staffing Agency

Light Industrial Staffing

Using a light industrial staffing agency for your hiring needs can increase the productivity of your workforce, but temporary employees are often faced with supervision and safety training that is not up to standard. As a host employer, you should always treat your temporary employees the same as your permanent employees, and know that you are responsible for the safety of your temporary workers.

When it comes to training and managing temporary employees, the supervising employer should always record an injury with OSHA, regardless of whether the staffing agency takes care of the workers compensation claims. Temporary employees should undergo the same training and use the same protective equipment as permanent employees, and they should attend all safety discussions. There should be no discrimination against temporary employees when it comes to training and safety standards. If they are performing the same jobs as the permanent employees, the safety hazards are equal as well.

As an employer, you should conduct any site-specific training yourself. Make sure your training is in a language that workers understand, it covers safe machine and equipment operating procedures, it shows them the location of emergency stops, it covers safety around hazardous substances, and it covers site-specific emergency procedures. Always document your training with dates, descriptions of the training, the trainer’s name, and the evaluation method used.

Employers are encouraged to provide their own personal protective equipment, in case the workers’ gear is not in the right condition to protect them. You should also use visible warning labels for workers who are not familiar with the workplace and its precautions.

For employers who are using a staffing agency on the job site, you are still responsible for controlling employer responsibility. You should monitor your onsite provider and ensure that they are in compliance with OSHA standards. Do not interfere with the methods of the staffing agency supervision, but do make sure that they have efficient safety procedures in place. The provider should always document site-specific job safety analysis that they prepare for each job that requires protective equipment. You should ask for documentation of their training.

If you are working with a staffing agency and their employees are injured on your job site or cited for OSHA violations, there is a chance that you could be held responsible. Temporary employees who are not used to working on your job site need close supervision, and feedback should be provided on their safety performance, just as it is with permanent employees.

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