ASA OSHA Alliance Formed to Protect Temporary Workers

asa osha alliance temporary worker protection

In April 2017, the American Staffing Association and U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration signed an agreement to work together in developing and executing a plan centered on ensuring the health and safety of temporary workers in the United States. The ASA OSHA alliance has two main goals:

– To reduce and prevent temporary workers’ exposure to safety and health hazards during assignments

– To educate staffing companies, their clients, and temporary workers about temporary worker rights and employer responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and Health Act

The alliance agreement was signed by ASA president and chief executive officer Richard Wahlquist and assistant secretary of labor for OSHA David Michaels, Ph.D., MPH.

Michaels said, “Through this alliance with the ASA, we will increase outreach to staffing firms and host employers and provide information and education that is vital to protecting temporary workers.”

According to Michaels, “Host employers need to treat temporary workers as they treat existing employees. Temporary staffing firms and host employers share control over the employee, and are therefore jointly responsible for the employee’s safety and health. It is essential that both employers comply with all relevant OSHA requirements.”

Following that message, the ASA OSHA alliance aims to work toward:

– Developing information on the nature of workplace hazards, including strategies for communicating such information to staffing firms, client companies, and temporary workers

– Supporting information-sharing among OSHA personnel and industry safety and health professionals regarding temporary worker safety best practices through training programs, workshops, and seminars

– Fulfilling commitments to present information though exhibitions and appearances at OSHA and ASA conferences, local meetings, and other events

– Developing a joint work plan focused on protecting the health and safety of temporary workers, particularly by reducing and preventing exposure to safety and health hazards during temporary assignments

At Staff Force, worker safety is an absolute priority. If you have any questions about employee safety or the ASA OSHA alliance, contact us today. Read more about the alliance on the American Staffing Association website here.