Sense of Belonging at Work

sense of belonging at work

Take a moment to reflect on your work experience throughout the years and ask yourself these questions: Have you ever had a job where you felt trusted and respected? Did you feel as though you were a critical component of the company and a wanted team member? While some companies may believe that feelings and work shouldn’t mix, they do anyways. Today, we will explain why a sense of belonging at work is critical and how it affects your team.

What is a Sense of Belonging at Work?

Did you answer yes to any of the questions above? Those are just a few aspects of what a sense of belonging at work can entail. Various studies have demonstrated that a sense of belonging is represented when employees feel:

They are trusted and respected.

They can speak freely or share opinions.

When their work is acknowledged as valuable.

When they receive regular check-ins.

Both business and personal.

When they are included in out-of-office events.

Why Creating a Sense of Belonging is Important?

No matter the age, everyone wants to have a sense of belonging. Whether or not it is achieved can drastically affect the outcomes of personal performance, team progress, and the overall accomplishments of the company.

Unachieved Sense of Belonging

When employees do not achieve a sense of belonging at work, it negatively affects their overall performance on various levels. It can lead employees to feel ignored, stressed, isolated, and unimportant. When this happens, employee engagement declines; this, in turn, leads to higher turnover rates, lower production, incompatible teams, and more.

Achieved Sense of Belonging

Fortunately, if you can create a sense of belonging at work for your employees, the benefits are just as drastic. Not only will it lower your turnover rates and increase your employees’ overall happiness, but Gallup reports that these businesses will “achieve a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales.”

All in all, working to create and maintain a sense of belonging for your team members is a critical component to devising a productive, streamlined, and successful company. For more information on building a better work environment, we encourage you to check out our blog.