Staff Force Personnel Services Supports Juliette Ortega Endowment Fund

Staff Force Personnel Services proudly supports the Juliette Ortega Endowment Fund, helping prevent childhood drownings in loving memory of Juliette Eileen Ortega. The Juliette Ortega Endowment Fund is sponsored by the YMCA of Greater Houston, providing swim instruction and parent education in an effort to eliminate drownings and save lives.

The Juliette Ortega Endowment Fund was established to improve water safety in the community and reduce drowning deaths in West Fort Bend County. The YMCA provides water safety, education and outreach activities to prevent families from experiencing the tragedy of losing a child.

Accidental drowning is the number one cause of unintentional, injury-related death among children ages one to four. Texas ranks second nationally in drowning deaths. The Juliette Ortega Endowment Fund is hoping to raise awareness through offering swim lessons to disadvantaged children who otherwise could not afford them at the Houston YMCA. The YMCA also travels to several apartment complexes to give lessons to children. Learning how to swim will not only prevent children from drowning, but it will also give them a boost in self-esteem.

Staff Force President David Howard commented, “Staff Force along with our family and friends have been the biggest contributors to the fund over the years, and we will continue this tradition in Juliette Ortega’s name forever. We are a family-owned company, and we recognize that taking care of children is a huge responsibility. It means a great deal that we can prevent this from happening to anyone else through the Juliette Ortega Foundation. With our state being surrounded by lakes, rivers, oceans and swimming pools, all children should learn how to swim at the earliest age possible.”

You can support the efforts of the Juliette Ortega Endowment Fund by donating through the YMCA Houston website. Thank you for supporting a cause that is close to our hearts.