The 3 Things You Need to Know About Temporary Hiring

Temporary Hiring

Don’t let all of the paperwork, background checks, and other grunt work of temporary hiring hold you back from getting started. Temporary employees can provide many great benefits to your company, but all of the effort can be daunting.  Here are some concerns that may arise about temporary hiring internally and the benefits of using a staffing agency to aid your hiring efforts.

Finding the Right Person

Often, the most stressful and difficult aspect of temporary hiring is finding the right candidate to fill an available position. This typically means reading through tons of resumes, conducting a seemingly unending stream of interviews, and following up with candidates. This can add up to hundreds of hours if you’re doing a lot of temporary hiring. Staff Force pulls from a list of qualified candidates to find the right temporary employees for your company. We handle everything from initial recruiting to interviewing, hiring, paperwork, and training.  With solutions tailored to you, you can free up your time from the temporary hiring process.

Legal Concerns

There are certain legal limitations when it comes to temporary hiring. A common rule of this is the “1,000-hour rule.” The idea of this rule is that temporary employees can only work approximately 1,000 hours a year before they are eligible for certain benefits available to permanent employees. Keeping track of these legal concerns is an important part of temporary hiring. For a business owner or HR department, this can compound and become quite a hassle. Using a staffing agency to help manage the legalities and workload that comes along with temporary employees can significantly improve your results.

Payroll and Financial Concerns

When you directly hire temps, they are considered employees and will be given their pay through your normal payroll process. Adjusting payroll and benefits on your own can be complicated and time-consuming. Combine that with the time spent and costs of recruiting and onboarding a new employee, you have an expensive situation on your hands. Whereas staffing agencies handle payrolling and benefits for you, allowing you to focus on the core of your business.

The Solution

Working with Staff Force for your temporary hiring needs means all the time and effort is transferred over to us. Reach out to us today to begin searching for the perfect temporary team member!

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