Preparing for an Interview

Preparing for an Interview

The path to successfully landing a new job starts long before you step foot in the actual interview. While acing the interview itself is the main deciding factor for hiring managers, preparing for the interview beforehand is of equal importance. In our previous blog posts, we have discussed some of the steps you can take to get to the interview. These include how to write the perfect cover letter and resume. Now that you have an interview scheduled, it’s time to take steps to properly prepare for the interview and set yourself up for success!

Prepare Your Story

Approaching the hiring process with the right mindset is the beginning. Getting your personal story organized, concise, and meaningful on a personal and professional level is key. Most people initially start their interview preparations by researching the company. While this is still a vital step, start preparing for your interview by nailing down your own individual story. Reflect on what you have learned from each previous job and learning experience. You should be able to clearly communicate during the interview how each of those experiences have prepared you to excel in the position you’re applying for.

Interview Tip:  Look to grow and learn on your own time! Employers love to hear how you have been working outside of the workplace to build your skillset. These are valuable talking points in your interview!

Do Your Research

The Company

Every competitive candidate will thoroughly research the company that they are applying for. Make sure that you find and understand valuable information about the company’s culture, clients, and capabilities. This will allow you to provide a quick summary about the company as needed and present the reasons that you are a good fit.

You can utilize unconventional avenues such as social media as well! Going above and beyond to find out even the small details about your potential employer shows a high level of commitment.

The Role

Ensure that you have a proper grasp on the posted job description and task requirements. If you have any additional questions concerning the role, make sure to jot these down in your notes so that you can inquire about them during the interview. Asking these kinds of questions sets you apart and shows your attention to detail and interest in the position.

The Interviewers

It is not always possible to know who will be conducting your interview beforehand. However, in the rare case that you do have this opportunity, take advantage of this additional opportunity to prepare. Researching your interviewers will allow you to easily create a conversational atmosphere and ask informed questions to the employees who are conducting your interview.

Interview Tip: Be authentic rather than rehearsed with your interviewers! A rehearsed response can be easily detected and nerves can get in the way of authentic responses. Cultivate a conversational atmosphere, rather than allowing it to feel of an interrogation. This can help you feel less nervous!

The Day Before

By taking a couple of extra steps the day before to properly prepare for your interview, you can dramatically increase your odds for success.  In comparison, poor planning and stress can negatively affect how you perform in your interview. Here are a few tips:

-Go to bed early: ensure that you have a good night’s rest going into your interview.

-Travel: if you are attending an in-person interview, ensure that you know how to navigate to the company you are interviewing with. On the day of, allow ample time to arrive. It is better to be thirty minutes early than two minutes late.

-Refresh: brush up on any last-minute details concerning the company.

A candidate who is properly rested and has gone through the extra work of preparing for an interview has greater odds of acing it and landing their dream job.

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