What to Expect at a Job Fair

What to Expect at a Job Fair

What is a Job Fair? 

A job fair is an event where several companies come to meet potential new hires in-person. Traditionally, a job fair is held in a large gathering space. Within the room, various employers will have booths for you to visit and learn more about their company, open job positions, and how you could fit the bill.

Navigating your way around this room can seem intimidating at first, especially if you’ve never attended one. With a couple of steps to prepare beforehand, you will be able to eliminate any fears. Do you know what to expect at a job fair?

Preparing for the Fair

The steps you take to prepare for a job fair can help set you up for when you arrive. Know what to expect at a job fair and come with your best self at the ready.

Pick Your Power Suit

One of the most noticeable factors in making an impression on potential employers will be your clothing choice. Business professional attire is appropriate for job fairs. Make sure that you feel confident and comfortable in whatever outfit that you choose, as this can affect how you perform when pursuing job opportunities.

Staff Force Pro Tip: Although the entirety of your outfit should be conservative, don’t be afraid to add in a touch of personality. Employers can talk to hundreds of candidates vying for the same position, so taking this step can help you stand out amongst the crowd!  Look to add a pop of color through a blazer or tie. However, play it safe by refraining from choosing anything loud or gaudy. You still want to appear professional. 

Prepare Your Pitch

Employers will ask you about yourself and why you are a good fit for their company! This is a given. You can read our article on preparing for an interview for an in-depth guide on how to perfect your story beforehand. Knowing what to expect at a job fair, you’ll want to prepare a few key talking points that will work for the type of businesses you’re interested in joining.

Staff Force Pro Tip: In addition to nailing down your personal pitch, make sure to find the list of companies that will be attending the event and tailor your pitch to each of the companies.

Nail Down the Event Details

The day before the event, make sure to confirm all the details, as well as anything you’ll need to make sure you arrive on time. If the event does not have a parking option listed, research local parking garages and lots in the area that are close to the venue.

The Day of the Event

What to Bring

Attend the event with as few personal belongings as possible. Most of the time, there will not be a place to leave your belongings while making your rounds.  However, some events may have a bag-check or locker where you can place your purse or briefcase.

Staff Force Pro Tip: Do not bring anything that you would not feel comfortable holding while conducting an interview with a possible employer.

Make sure you don’t forget:

-Your resumé
-A notepad and pen to take down any necessary information
-Business cards to leave a lasting impression 

Navigating the Room

While the overall atmosphere may be considered more casual than a traditional interview, putting your best foot forward at all times during the event is crucial. This is where your knowledge of what to expect at a job fair comes in handy. Your preparation will shine through as you speak to various companies about potential openings and your skillset. 

This interaction will normally consist of preliminary questions from the employer to determine if you are a fit for their company. An employer may ask you to schedule an official interview at a date following the career fair. All interactions with possible employers are mini-interviews that could have the power to land you your dream job! Now that you know what to expect at a job fair, get to it!

Job Fairs with Staff Force

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