How Important is Gratitude in the Workplace?

how important is gratitude in the workplace? especially as the holidays roll around

As the holiday season rolls around again, you may be thinking about all the things you’re thankful for. Have you brought that attitude of appreciation into the office? Gratitude in the workplace is essential, and not just during the holidays. The acknowledgement you give your employees can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to praise your employees for the successes, both big and small.

The Impact of Gratitude in the Workplace

Did you know that expressing gratitude to your employees can increase employee retention, job satisfaction, and productivity? People want to be acknowledged and thanked for their hard work each day. The importance of gratitude in the workplace should not be understated.

 Even with just a few words or an email expressing your thanks, you can have a big impact on your company’s culture and the lives of your employees.

The Best Ways to Show Appreciation

While it’s clear that gratitude in the workplace is important year-round, the when and the how of sharing your appreciation can be elusive.  Staff Force’s top three tips for thanking your employees are to thank generously, acknowledge tasks regardless of size, and to always be specific.

Thank Generously

They say quality over quantity, and while this is true, how often you express gratitude to your employees is important as well. Be sure your thanks is genuine. If you aren’t sincere, your employees will be able to tell. But, you’ll also want to ensure that you are regularly praising your employees for their contributions. This will help them know that you value them as a team member and recognize their efforts.

Acknowledge Both Big & Small Tasks

Sometimes, the unsung, minute task is the one that employees would most like to be praised for. While you will certainly want to thank your team for successfully completing a major project, showing gratitude in the workplace can also mean sharing genuine thanks for a small task.  Let your employee know that even though the task is small, you know that it provides value to the you, the team, and the organization as a whole.

Be Specific

Giving general praise has been proven to be less effective than genuine, specific gratitude. Providing specific details on what you are grateful for from an employee helps them know that you are sincere. Giving employees particular gratitude in the workplace emphasizes that you see them as an individual and that you see their work individually. This will encourage and motivate your employees to continue to work hard and contribute to the team.

Make Gratitude Part of Your Workplace Culture

Overall, as with any “culture” initiatives, gratitude in the workplace starts at the top. If your employees see you practicing appreciation, they will follow suit and express thankfulness to their coworkers. Making gratitude a cultural focus will increase productivity across the board and create a much better environment for everyone – including you.

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