Strategies for Managing Stress in the Workplace

strategies for managing stress in the workplace

Work can be stressful no matter the time of year, but the holiday season seems to amplify stress levels even more. Implementing effective strategies for managing stress in the workplace year-round is key to ensuring a happy, healthy life for both you and your employees.

Why is Managing Stress in the Workplace Important?

Chronic stress can take a serious toll on your work. Long-term stress not only negatively affects the quality of the work you do, but can also lead to major health problems down the road.  From mental manifestations to physical issues, the harm caused by too much stress is something you and your employees will certainly want to avoid.

Working with your employees to help alleviate this stress is vital to the success of your company. Our top strategies for managing stress in the workplace will help you and your employees stay on track to keep calm, reduce burnout, and live a healthy, balanced life.  This allows for better performance in the workplace and a better workplace culture.

Top 5 Strategies for Managing Stress in the Workplace

Work-Life Balance

Creating work-life balance is a great step to reduce stress. Being able to turn off and enjoy time with family and friends is essential to helping lower stress levels. Studies have shown that finding and keeping up with a hobby works wonders to reduce stress!  Doing something you love will help relieve the tension and help you to let go. No matter what, just make sure that your work and your life aren’t the same thing.  If they are, you’re likely on your way to burnout.

Staff Force Pro-Tip: Remember, your employees look up to you. If they see you practicing a good work-life balance, they will be encouraged to do the same.

Extend a Helping Hand

Psychological research has shown that taking small actions to help others and be kind can actually reduce the stress that you feel each day. Do something small like holding the door open for someone or listening to something that’s bringing them stress. Even though these acts may seem insignificant, they can actually help you limit your stress levels.

Staff Force Pro-Tip: Smile more! Smiling releases chemicals in your brain that automatically make you feel a little bit happier. And smiling at people you see in and around the office is a way to show kindness and can brighten their day. Encourage your employees to show kindness in the workplace!


Stay organized! One of the best strategies for managing stress in the workplace is to always keep organized. Whether this is an ongoing prioritized to-do list, keeping a clean desk area, or staying on top of emails, being organized gives you a clear mind and allows you to come up with a solid plan of action – no matter the situation that arises. Disorganization heightens stress levels for you and those around you.

Healthy Lifestyle

Getting enough sleep, properly fueling your body, and exercising can also significantly reduce your stress levels. Think about it. When you’re tired, aren’t you more stressed? This principle applies to each aspect of your life. Make sure that your body is getting what it needs to function properly, and you’ll see your productivity skyrocket. Living a healthy lifestyle and promoting that for your employees will reduce stress and improve results in the long-term.

Staff Force Pro-Tip: Utilizing your benefits is a great way to reset and focus on what you need to be healthy. Make sure you’re using your PTO and encouraging your employees to use it as well.

Time Management

Keep a hold on your time – don’t let it get away from you. If you feel rushed, the stress will start piling on.  Set aside a few minutes each day to determine what you need to do and prioritize your list. Scheduling and organization play a big role here. This is one of the best strategies for managing stress in the workplace because it makes you think about your time and where it’s going. Are you procrastinating? Do you need to delegate more? If you can find the problem, you can start to mitigate your stress.

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