Four Communication Styles in the Workplace and How to Approach Them

communication in the workplace; three coworkers chatting

Communication is often oversimplified when in reality, it is quite complex. Effective communication between two people is much more than speaking the same language. The workplace has four primary communication styles: analytical, functional, intuitive, and personal. Understanding each communication style can help us better understand what each of us can bring to the team and how to achieve success together.


Analytical communicators are fact-driven and depend on others in their team for creative ideas. People with analytical as one of their communication styles in the workplace aren’t big fans of general terms or overly creative ideas. When working with an analytical communicator, it’s important to provide data and figures to support their work.


Functional communicators prosper in organized environments with order and clarity. They prefer step-by-step instructions to achieve their goals. While people with this communication style in the workplace can be seen as sticklers, they are key players when doing things like setting up for a meeting. When working with a functional communicator, it’s important to give a timeline for projects and offer consistent feedback.


Intuitive communicators are big-picture thinkers. They work with the overarching goal in mind which can make them pay less attention to the details. People who communicate this way are key players on your team and can be extremely valuable in brainstorming sessions. When working with an intuitive communicator, it’s important to use visuals and real-life examples when describing tasks or instructions.


Personal communicators communicate with the other person’s feelings in mind. They are typically very empathetic people. Coworkers typically need this style of communication to complete a successful project. Personal communicators lead with diplomacy and keeping their colleagues happy with each other. When working with a personal communicator, it’s important to let them communicate their feelings and give them opportunities to shine.

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