How to Improve your Team’s Key Customer Service Skills

Regardless of how great your product is or how talented your staff is, working on your team’s key customer service skills is the best way to improve customer relations. Relationships are at the center of most businesses – make sure you and your team prioritize those relationships by continually improving customer service. A positive customer experience can greatly impact repeat business and customer loyalty. Follow these tips for improving your team’s key customer service skills:

1. Work on Soft Skills

Soft skills, or skills that relate to how you work, can directly impact your team’s key customer service performance. Creating an environment where your team communicates often and is open to feedback fosters strong relationship skills – critical to customer service. Practicing those skills internally will directly translate to clear communication and understanding when your team interacts with customers.

2. Change the Way you Discuss Situations

Sometimes things happen that are out of your control – changes in distribution cause a delivery to be late, or a product is back-ordered.

Discuss with your team how to frame these difficult situations in a solution-based response rather than an issue-based one. Language is critical to influencing the experience your customers have.

For example, if a change in distribution causes a delay in delivery, add solution-based language and format when the problem will be solved rather than only providing the issue, as well as ensure how you will change your processes to minimize this from happening in the future:

  • Issue-Based Language: “Your delivery will be late.”
  • Solution-Based Language: “Although your delivery will be late, we have worked with our distribution provider to ensure your next delivery date and will be putting systems in place to minimize this from happening in the future.”

Solution-based language can change how your team interacts with your customers, and inputting additional systems to prevent the issue from happening again will help build customer confidence.

3. Understand the Importance of Attitude

Whether working with customers or internally, a positive attitude will carry throughout the customer experience. Hold yourself and your team to a positive and respectful attitude, improving interactions with all people and improving your team’s key customer service skills.

Nearly everyone is in the business of relationships. Make sure your team is ready to grow and improve their customer service skills, so you can foster strong relationships with your clients.

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