Job Interview Advice: Suggestions for A Perfect Interview

Job Interview Advice

A job interview is your time to make the best face-to-face first impression possible. It is also the company’s chance to make a good first impression. During this encounter the hiring manager or human resources associate that you meet with will obviously be asking you questions, but they are evaluating you on much more than your answers. Here’s some job interview advice straight from our experts!

Be on Time

This should be understood. Try as hard as you can to be at least a few minutes early. Try not to be too early as this may make the person conducting your interview feel as if you don’t respect their time and can conduct the interview on your schedule. Being late will give the vibe that you are not serious about the position and may show a glimpse into the future of being late for the workday should you be hired.

Body Language

Body language is much more important than you think. Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake while maintaining confident eye contact. While sitting during an interview, be sure to maintain proper posture. Don’t forget to smile!

Look the Part

Depending on what job you are interviewing for, your choice of wardrobe might vary. A good rule of thumb is to slightly overdress for an interview. For example, interviewing at a business casual workplace might mean dressing in business professional attire. No matter the level of dress code you decide to go with, make sure that you look your very best in clean, non-wrinkled clothing with styled hair and clean fingernails.

Ask Questions

At the end of an interview, the employee administering the interview will typically ask you if you have any questions for them. It is a great idea to have a few prepared questions to ask. This gives the interviewer the impression that you are genuinely interested in the position, and lets them see that you will be comfortable asking questions of your trainer when on the job.

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