Setting Long-Term Career Goals

Long-Term Career Goals

Millennials in the workforce sometimes have a difficult time setting realistic long-term career goals for themselves. Several factors attribute to this: the gig job market, the frequent change in career paths and job satisfaction. The self-confidence and satisfaction that comes with following the path to your goals can become almost addictive. Think of the rush you get after completing a particular difficult physical workout. Setting your goals and achieving them gives you a sense of euphoria that is similar to that sensation. In addition, becoming goal driven helps you to feel as if your work is more meaningful and better overall.

Short term goals to reach long-term success

An individual must create and achieve short-term goals in order to achieve long-term career goals. Short-term goals also help to give a sense of progress toward your eventual plan.

Set yourself up for success

Be realistic when setting your goals. Make them attainable and in an appropriate timeframe. If you can’t swim, have a debilitating fear of water and have no access to a pool or other body of water; it would be wildly unrealistic to have a goal to become an Olympic swimmer within a month.

Recruit an accountability coach

Have a good friend or co-worker that truly cares about your well-being or future? Ask them if they would be willing to help you stay accountable for your achievements.

Stay committed

Don’t give up on your goal just because you hit a rough patch or a hard to accomplish task. Remind yourself as to why you decided to do this in the first place and reset your motivation. Also, try to stay flexible as life may have other plans for your goals.

Whether your long term career goals are to get a promotion or to find job happiness in your chosen field, these tips are here to help guide you with a few necessary and helpful steps to get achievement.

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