Don’t Do That! Things to avoid doing during a job interview

Things to avoid doing during a job interview

You found the perfect position you’ve been searching for, submitted your resume and got the call you’ve been waiting for. Your next interview is just days away and you really want this job. Here are a few quick tips on things to avoid doing during a job interview. Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Skipping the Research

Knowing a little bit about your potential employer before heading in to an interview will help you seem as if you’ve invested some of your time and interest into the history and mission of their company. Doing so may even give you a leg up on the competition as this is often a task that most interviewees skip.

Arriving Late

First things first, be on time. If you can’t show up on time, show up early. If there is no other option for you aside from showing up late, be sure to call ahead to apologize to your interviewer for the inconvenience. Keep in mind that the interviewer may decide to cancel or re-schedule your interview.

Immature Behavior

Questions about your former employers and resume timelines are sure to come about during a job interview. It is important to maintain a positive and mature demeanor when discussing your past work experience.

Awful Body Language

Do what your parents always told you to do. Sit up straight. Make eye contact. Don’t cross your arms. Most importantly, don’t forget to smile! A nice firm handshake is another sure-fire way to leave a lasting impression on a potential employer when greeting them and leaving an interview.

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