Job Search Tips During the Pandemic

job search tips during coronavirus

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic downturn, everyone is thinking the same thing: how will this affect my job or my job search? As more companies move to remote work, getting calls back and interviews scheduled will become more and more difficult. Thinking through ways to stand apart and hone in on your job hunt is key. We’ve put together our top job search tips to help you land your next position.

Use Every Resource at Your Disposal

Technology is an incredible tool. Because of the pandemic, many job fairs and events have been cancelled, leaving fewer networking opportunities. Many online tools exist to help you network and supplement your job search. Whether that’s connecting with a recruiter on LinkedIn or researching key companies to expand your knowledge of who is hiring, properly utilizing digital tools is one of our top job search tips during this pandemic.

Practice for Phone & Video Interviews

Because of social distancing, we’ll be seeing a dramatic increase in the number of phone and video interviews being conducted. Make sure you’re comfortable in a phone or video interview situation. This could mean finding a good place in your home with a clean background to conduct a video interview or practicing with a friend or family member to ensure technology functions properly and you’re ready to go. When it comes to job search tips during COVID-19, the interview process is key.

Staff Force Pro-Tip: When doing a phone interview, remember to smile!  Smiling helps you create a positive tone of voice that can be heard by your interviewer.

Build Your Skills

We know that it’s easy to get discouraged when job hunting, especially during a time as difficult as this one. A great way to lift your spirits and bolster your job search is to build up existing skills and learn new ones!  There are many free and affordable resources right now where you can take classes to learn skills valuable to the types of jobs you’re looking for. This is one of our job search tips that acts as a resume booster and helps you devote your time to something that is both productive and interesting.

If the job search is getting you down, reach out to Staff Force today.  We still have many open positions and can’t wait to find the right one for you.