Recruitment Strategies in the Time of COVID-19

recruitment strategies during COVID-19

What is the best response for businesses to take during the COVID-10 pandemic in relation to hiring? For essential industries, business is booming and growth is necessary. While hiring should continue for these companies, recruitment strategies will be forced to evolve to fit changing needs.

Recruitment Strategies During a Pandemic

Recruitment strategies will certainly look different during this time. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term employees, everything from your job posts to your hiring and onboarding process may be affected. Ensure that your job posts reflect your company’s culture as usual, but also address concerns and how you are operating in light of the pandemic. You may want to explore niche hiring options, such as industry-specific searches.

Staff Force Pro-Tip: Let applicants know what to expect. Give them a heads up when it comes to how your operations and processes look different within the job posting. This transparency will bring great talent to your business!

Virtual Screening & Video Interviews

With so much effort to stay at home, virtual screening and video interviews are on the rise. Consider setting up ways to screen applicants through video recordings before spending time on a person-to-person video interview. This will save time and help you expedite the hiring process. As recruitment strategies change for the long-haul, video interviews will become increasingly common. The same rules apply to conducting a video interview as an in-person interview. Prepare for it and eliminate distractions as much as possible. Take note of candidates’ appearance, background, and preparation to inform your decision.

The Importance of Communication

As always, communication is key when it comes to recruiting top talent. Keeping open communication is a great way to let candidates know you are serious. It also gives potential hires insight into your company culture. Create a respectful relationship and let them know of any internal changes that could affect your hiring process. Whether that means that the hiring process is being expedited or halted, keeping them in the loop shows respect and care.

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