Light Industrial Job Description | How to Hire the Right Fit

Picture this: your team needs to grow, your company landed a new deal and production needs to increase. It’s time to hire. You head to your computer, open a new document or job listing, and it’s time to start writing a job description. But how do you know your words will find the right fit for your company? Writing a light industrial job description that will find you the right fit isn’t always easy.

Understanding Your Needs | Light Industrial Job Description

Whether you need assembly, packaging, shipping and receiving, janitorial, forklift operators or general labor, start by asking yourself the following: what are the requirements to succeed in this position?

Many light industrial jobs require individuals with strong attention to detail, self-motivation, strong teamwork skills and the ability to deal with an environment that can be demanding and loud.

Next, ask yourself if experience matters. Do you have the bandwidth to train a new employee from the start? Or do you need someone with previous experience to jump in and make an immediate impact? What about any special skills or machinery experience?

Having a clear understanding of the skill set you’re looking for will help guide your light industrial job description.

Finding the Right Fit

Understanding and creating a job description is just the start of finding someone to add to your team. It can be a challenge to know whether or not someone has the skills needed to fill a position in your company. Asking the right questions in the interview process and checking for compatibility with your business is vital to finding the right person.

If you’re looking for some help throughout the hiring process, Staff Force is dedicated to finding the best people for the job. It’s what we do best.

If you have the above questions answered regarding what you’re looking for, we will help out with the rest. We have the ability to screen employees with:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Reference Checks
  • Employment History Verification
  • Personal And Web-Based Assessment of Skills and Experience
  • I-9 Verification Utilizing the Department of Homeland Security
  • Pre-Employment Drug Screen

We are committed to screening an employee’s background and skills and working hard to find the best match for your company’s values and culture.

Learn more about how Staff Force can help you with your light industrial job description, find you the right fit for your business today, and stay up to date on all things employment and staffing on our blog!