You Got the Job, but What’s Next? 7 Questions to Ask on Your First Day of Work

Congratulations! All of your hard work has paid off. You got the job, but what’s next? Continue reading for the best questions to ask on your first day of work to ensure you are successful in your new position.

1. What are your expectations for me in this position for the first 90 days?

Setting expectations for yourself and learning what is set for you is one of the most important questions to ask on your first day of work. Having clear expectations will help establish accountability between you and your direct senior. We need accountability to learn from our mistakes and strive for success.

2. How will I be reviewed? Can I schedule a two-week review?

In addition to understanding your role in the company, it is important to be open to feedback and constructive criticism. Without it, you cannot expect to grow and succeed in your position.

3. To whom do I report? To whom do I report if this person is busy?

Knowing the individual roles of your co-workers will help you understand whom to ask specific questions to. Knowing your direct senior is important to help establish a support system for yourself and learn your individual role and responsibility to your team.

Once you learn to whom you are reporting, it is important to figure out the next question to ensure you are communicating effectively.

4. What’s your preferred method of communication?

There are many different kinds of leaders out in the world today. Some prefer updates on all the work you complete— we call this overcommunication. Overcommunication is not always as bad as it sounds. While some people prefer overcommunication to under-communication to help them stay organized and on track, some people only require one email per day to share their triumphs and updates for the day. Learning your leader’s communication style is vital to be successful at work.

5. Where’s the bathroom? Do you have an office supply closet?

Although this series of basic questions might seem obvious and embarrassing, it is important to know the answers.

6. Where do you park? Where do you grab lunch near the office?

If you’re searching for questions to ask on your first day of work to get to know your coworkers, these questions are great to break the ice. Even if you’re not new to the area, chances are that you haven’t yet worked in the exact area of your new office, and you could be close to a life-changing new restaurant you’ve never been to before. Getting lunch with your coworkers is also a great way to get to know them and build relationships outside the office.

7. What decisions should I make on my own vs. when would you like to be consulted?

The answers to these two questions will clarify what situations you should handle and what needs to be delegated to other team members.

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