Top Workplace Productivity Killers

Workplace Productivity

Whether your workplace is laid out as an open workspace or a cubicle farm, distractions are bound to appear throughout the day. Not only do they sometimes cause employees to bring outside factors into the office, but they are detrimental […]

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Use Your Vacation Days to Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

In 2015, the American workforce wasted 658 million vacation days. This equates to more than half of American workers not taking their earned time off. What many companies and employees have recently discovered is that ensuring their workforce utilizes their […]

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How to Write a Cover Letter

Write a cover letter

Depending on what type of job you are applying for, a cover letter may be required. What exactly is a cover letter? In addition to your resume, a cover letter is a chance for you to showcase yourself and your […]

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Achieving Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace

So, you have an open position at your company, and you’re ready to start looking for talent to fill it. Finding the right talent for a job is already hard enough. Then, when you factor in the task of achieving […]

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Get Noticed: Top Buzzwords for Your Resume

Buzzwords for your Resume

When submitting your resume to an online job board or to a Texas staffing agency, it is your initial opportunity to make a great first impression. You have only a small window of time to make sure that the reviewer […]

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Identifying & Handling Toxic Employees

Toxic Employees

Toxic employees can affect everything from a company’s day to day activities to the big picture of a business’ culture and profit. Identifying toxic employees and dealing with them can be tricky, but is definitely necessary. Doing so will help […]

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The Process of Accepting Feedback

Accepting feedback

It is very likely that you will receive feedback during an interview or very soon after you have started a new job. Whether it’s harsh, constructive or generic, your test will be how to take that feedback and move on […]

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