The Benefits of a Workplace Mentor

workplace mentor

Starting a new position at a company can be a challenge, but a workplace mentor can be a great way to make the transition into a new position easier. Strong mentorship programs should create a welcoming and open environment where […]

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Top 5 Effective Collaboration Skills for the Workplace

effective collaboration skills

Collaboration and teamwork are all about bringing together different minds and different perspectives to achieve a common goal. Collaboration is more than just meeting with your team to work independently on a divided project, but instead a process that is […]

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Best Soft Skills to Have on Your Resume

best soft skills to have

Your resume should give employers a culmination of your education, work experience, and skills. When describing your skills, you should not only include the hard skills, but also the soft skills that makes you a great fit for a role. […]

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Using a Temp Agency

using a temp agency

Employment seekers everywhere spend countless hours scouring the internet for suitable jobs, often without efficient success. Why waste your time and energy filling out application after application, only to end up at a job that may not be a good […]

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How to Make a Good First Impression at Work

make a good first impression at work

First impressions—in any context—can not only impact short-term assumptions, but also long-term associations. This especially applies to first impressions in the workplace, where your colleagues and bosses alike will be eager to meet the newest member of the team. Because […]

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How to Find a Job in a Recession

Find a Job in a Recession

Given recent events, finding a new job is more complicated than ever. With companies not hiring, unemployment rates at an extreme high, and the excess of worthy competition, it may seem impossible to find a job in a recession. However, […]

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What are the Best Questions to Ask in an Interview?

Best Questions to Ask in an Interview

Asking great questions during your interview doesn’t necessarily mean that you are guaranteed to get the job. However, asking the right questions will help you stand out from a large pool of applicants that are also vying for the same […]

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